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❝ We have this strength inside of us, and yet we are taught to always keep it down. I found in my life that I've taken a step back and made myself smaller in order to try to  fit in, and that hasn't worked. We have to learn to kind of embrace what makes us unique, and embrace our strength - and then if people don't like it, fuck it. ❞

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I'm not really posting here anymore (I usually update my icon journal, to which you can find a link below).
I've now officially moved to tumblr & twitter.

Icons/Graphics can be found at openingsong
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bsg → call me god

I die without you

the meme.

comment here with stories, photos, and anything else you'd like to share.
let's make it worth, let's make it count.

I seriously can't beleive this is ending. The end of an era for sure.
I hope everything goes well on the last show (and hope to see a video soon :P).

*Sigh*. I seriously cannot beleive it. :(